History of the church of Christ in Katy

The newspaper article reproduced to the right reported the beginning of this congregation. As you can see, the church met together for the first Lord’s day worship assembly on Sunday, May 16, 1976. On the Wednesday evening preceding that Sunday (May 12, 1976) there were nineteen gathered for the “first prayer meeting.” Among those present were Clodis and Audrey Cox, Clyde and Judy Wehunt (and their son, Dean) and Doug and Mary Sheppard (with their four children).

In February of 1977 Clodis Cox and Clyde Wehunt were selected to serve as elders. In 1978 Jack Finley was added to the eldership. Since that time Gary Andrews, Wendell Autrey, Larry Boyd, Mac Brockman, Tim Brown, Kevin Cain, Woodrow Coleman, Tom Gillson, Cecil Hutson, Terry Pope, Larry Russell, Steve Sadler, Mickey Sandlin, Doug Sheppard, Joe Simmons, Bill Smithson, Butch Wallace, and Ray Whitman have served the congregation as elders. Presently, Gary Andrews, Larry Boyd, Tim Brown, Kevin Cain, Woodrow Coleman, Tom Gillson, Larry Russell, Steve Sadler, Bill Smithson, Butch Wallace, and Ray Whitman serve as elders of the congregation.

In the early years Justice Wilson and Everett Cox preached for the church. J. D. Cash came to Katy in 1979 as the church’s first “full time” preacher. In January 1983, John Featherston began his preaching responsibilities and continued until June 1984. Cecil Hutson moved to Katy in January 1985 and continued preaching for the Katy congregation until his retirement at the end of 2008. Jonathan Jenkins moved to Katy in September 2009 to fill the role of pulpit minister and continued until May 2013. John Baker moved to Katy in March 2014 to fill the role of pulpit minister. John Cannon moved to Katy in July 2005, becoming the first associate minister for Katy and continued until July 2012. Chris Hodges took the role of Associate Minister in February 2013 and continued until October 2018. Jordan Moore moved to Katy in March 2019 to fill the associate minister’s role.  Daniel Mata became the first full time Hispanic Minister in June 2013.

From the original building (a wood frame structure serving as an auditorium and classrooms), there have been several major building projects plus the acquisition of surrounding property to accommodate the growth of the church. The first new auditorium was completed in 1980 and served the congregation well for 21 years. The classroom building was completed in 1986; however, the second floor was left unfinished until 1990. Also in 1990 the “north lots” were purchased for additional parking. As the number of Christians increased, plans for a larger auditorium began to take shape and in 2001, the church opened its present auditorium with a seating capacity to accommodate 900. Additional property has been purchased in recent years, and the church facility is now situated on about seven acres of land in “old town” Katy.

The Katy church continues to serve God in many ways. The blessings of God upon the members of the church translate into spiritual growth and the spread of the gospel both locally and in foreign fields. Contributions given by the membership have allowed the church to share its blessings with those in need. The gospel is preached by ministers throughout Mexico because of the generosity of this congregation.

The history of the Katy church continues to be written. What will the LORD find when He comes? It is the commitment of the elders for the LORD to find a strong, faithful congregation of God’s people meeting and worshiping Him in spirit and truth. May God continue to bless this church in His service.