Regional Congregation Support

The Katy congregation is blessed with many men able to preach and teach sound doctrine. In the Katy area and west, there are a number of smaller congregations that have a need for men to substitute preach or teach or to help when the congregation does not have a preacher. Our reach in this service extends from the west Houston area to Columbus. Over the last few years, many men from Katy have worked in this service and we have provided preachers to a number of congregations.

Sometimes our help is just with the morning worship service, sometimes it includes the morning Bible study and sometimes it includes both the morning and evening worship service.

If your congregation is in need of a substitute preacher for a Sunday, please contact the Katy office and we will find a capable man to help.


Mexico Missions: For many years, the Katy church has made a commitment to evangelism in Mexico through the support of national missionaries, a School of Preaching, and prayer. Over the years, hundreds of our good neighbors to the South have been brought to Christ through this good work. While this work is closely overseen by the Elders, the day to day work is carried out by the Mexico Missions Committee. Please keep this work and our Mexican brothers and sisters continually in your prayers.

World English Institute (WEI): The Katy Congregation is involved in the work of WEI in a number of ways. We provide partial monthly support for the WEI front office and for their internet activities. For several years, a number of our members have participated in WEI’s summer short term (two weeks) mission efforts mainly in Albania and Romania. The Katy congregation also has a Wednesday night WEI program to reach out to primarily Spanish speaking people in the Katy area.

Other: We provide partial monthly support to outreach efforts in Cambodia, Apologetics Press, and In Search of the Lord’s Way. We also help where we can with one-time missionary requests.

We fund our mission work through weekly contributions and Special Contributions. Special Contributions for missions and benevolence are collected on a quarterly basis.