By God’s blessings the Katy congregation has a long history of supporting mission work, both foreign and domestic, and we continue to strive to spread the Gospel. (Matt. 28:19-20, Isa. 52:7)

We fund mission work through our weekly contributions and quarterly Special Missions and Benevolence Contributions. 

While these works are closely overseen by the Elders, each of the areas of focus have a committee, normally overseen by a deacon, to ensure the day-to-day work is carried out in accordance with God’s will.

We have a strategic bold plan, Lord willing, to add several additional missionaries and to support additional preaching students for the next five years (2022-2026).

Mexico Missions

For many years, the Katy church has made a commitment to evangelism in Mexico through the financial support of local missionaries.  As of 2022, we provide full support for nine missionaries in Mexico. 

We are committed to add one new missionary in Mexico, with full support, each year for the next five years.

Non-Mexico Foreign Missions

Katy also currently provides on-going partial support for a missionary in Italy, Cambodia and until recently, one in Scotland.  

We are committed to add, with partial support, one new non-Mexico foreign missionary each year for the next five years.

Domestic Missions

Katy provides partial support for four men located in Connecticut, Vermont, South Dakota, and Montana.

We are committed to add, with partial support, one new minister in the US each year for the next five years.

World English Institute (WE)

The Katy Congregation is involved in the work of WEI in several ways. We provide partial monthly support for the WEI front office and for their internet activities. For several years, many our members have participated in WEI’s summer short-term (two weeks) mission efforts mainly in Albania and Romania. 

Locally, the Katy congregation has a Wednesday night WEI program to reach out to primarily Spanish speaking people in the Katy area and currently hold our own annual campaign patterned after the WEI Albania and Romania programs, setting up and teaching local people for two weeks.

We plan to continue all these efforts in the future.

Preaching Schools and students

It is important to continue to produce men who will go out and preach to others. (Rom. 10:13-15)

We support seven preaching schools around the world, including Bear Valley Bible Institute, Brown Trail School of Preaching, Memphis School of Preaching, Monterrey School of Preaching, Southwest School of Preaching, and a preaching school in Cambodia.  Some of these receive support monthly and some on an annual basis.

In addition to helping the schools, men need financial help to support themselves and their families while attending these school full time. 

We are committed to supporting one new man to attend a two-year school of preaching for each of the next five years.