Bible Class Registration - Winter Quarter 2018

* Denotes a new class this quarter.

Sunday Class Descriptions

Exodus (AUD) - From Egypt, to Sinai, to the development of the theocracy called Israel the book of Exodus is a continuation of the history of God’s covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. One should never tire of the telling of this exciting narrative of history

Faith Growing in Christ (103/104) - The New Testament speaks of “little faith”, “growing faith”, “walking by faith”, “victorious faith”, etc. Clearly, faith must be growing throughout one’s discipleship. This study will be aimed at helping faith to grow. If our faith does not grow, will He find faith on the earth when he returns?

John 1, 2 & 3 (203) - Tradition holds that the apostle John was the last of the apostles to die ... perhaps the only one of the apostles to die a natural death. The three letters of John are different one from another. Two of them are personal letters which give beautiful insight into John’s concerns and thinking. Of course, the first of the letters, brief as it is, contains so many profound truths relating to discipleship.

Redención… El Plan de Dios (105) - La Biblia nos presenta un Dios que actúa por el bien eterno de los que le aman… Uno de los temas más importantes y relevantes de la Biblia es el esfuerzo de Dios para redimir al hombre. El propósito de estas lecciones es presentar una guía útil para ver la grandiosa historia del amor de Dios. También para conocer a nuestro Dios y Su gran plan de redención.

Wednesday Class Descriptions

How We Got the Bible (AUD) - A faith-building study of the process by which God has revealed His Word to the world. Topics to be examined include the inspiration, canon, transmission and translation of Scripture.

Daily Walk with God (103/104) - This study tackles paradoxes, oxymorons, and apparent contradictions, challenging readers to dig deeper into familiar Scriptures in order to discover what God really wants for their lives.

Messianic Psalms (203) - Psalms is probably the most read and quoted book of the Bible. Which of us at an early age did not memorize the 23rd Psalm? In this class selected psalms and sections of psalms which focus on the coming Messiah will be reviewed and studied for the wealth they contain.

Apocalipsis (Parte 3) (105) - El estudio de Apocalipsis requiere el entender el Antiguo Testamento y su lenguaje. Su mensaje está escondido en las páginas del Antiguo Pacto de Jehová con Israel. También esto demuestra que los eventos del libro de Apocalipsis no son nuevos, ni son necesariamente todos relacionados con el futuro, ya que se repiten a través de la historia: primero en la Israel física de Jehová; después en la Israel espiritual de Jesucristo... la Iglesia...