Bible Class Registration - Spring Quarter 2019

* Denotes a new class this quarter.

Sunday Class Descriptions

Genesis 12-50 (AUD) - For a student of the Bible there are few more exciting studies than that of the book of Genesis. The great story begins with creation and the garden of Eden. It continues with the righteousness of Noah, the flood and the spread of humanity from the ark and eight souls. From chapter 12 the focus is on Abraham and his descendants ... and the great nation of Israel. But the larger part of the story is the promise that through the seed of Abraham all nations will be blessed ... Christ!

Messages From the Old Testament (103) - A selection of important “messages” from Old Testament sources will be the subject matter for this class. We are encouraged by New Testament writers to learn from the Old Testament (see Romans 15:4).

1 & 2 Timothy (203) - This study tackles paradoxes, oxymorons, and apparent contradictions, challenging readers to dig deeper into familiar Scriptures in order to discover what God really wants for their lives.

Redención… El Plan de Dios (Parte 2) (105) - La Biblia nos presenta un Dios que actúa por el bien eterno de los que le aman…Uno de los temas más importantes y relevantes de la Biblia es el esfuerzo de Dios para redimir al hombre. El propósito de estas lecciones es presentar una guía útil para ver la grandiosa historia del amor de Dios. También para conocer a nuestro Dios y Su gran plan de redención.

Wednesday Class Descriptions

Angels and Demons (AUD) - This is a study of what the Bible teaches concerning angels and demons. Attention will be given to what the Scriptures actually say in comparison and contrast with many popular ideas. Ultimately, the goal of this class is to draw attention to the greatness of God as seen in all of His creation.

Studies From Ephesians (103) - This will be a topical study of the book of Ephesians. It will answer important questions like: What does the ideal Christian church look like? How should Christians behave? This instructional letter is packed with practical advice, all given in an encouraging tone.

Faith Growing in Christ (104) - The New Testament speaks of “little faith”, “growing faith”, “walking by faith”, “victorious faith”, etc. Clearly, faith must be growing throughout ones discipleship. This study will be aimed at helping faith to grow. If our faith does not grow, will He find faith on the earth when he returns?

La Verdad bíblica sobre las denominaciones (105) - Estudiaremos la verdad de la Biblia acerca de las creencias de las denominaciones...El propósito es prepararnos para estudiar la verdad de la Biblia con aquellos que tienen estas creencias...