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Reading in Sync

What is it?

Each week there will be a list of chapters to read – one per day. Click here for this week’s readings! Associated with these chapters is a theme connected to a well-known song title. On the Sunday following that week’s readings, the sermon will surround the specific theme from the previous week.

Who is it for?

This is not designed for any one particular age group. In fact, the idea is that, though apart, we will all be reading together, in sync. Families with older children may choose to all read individually, and then come together in the evening to talk about it. Or, husbands and wives or families with young children may choose to read together out loud. It’s up to you!

When does it take place?

The readings are scheduled for Monday-Friday. Of course, if you miss a day, feel free to catch up on Saturday. If you’re a morning reader, read in the morning! If you’re an evening reader, read in the evening! Doesn’t matter. Just read! We have now entered in to part two of this plan, through early 2021. Click here if you want to see the complete upcoming schedule!

Why do it?

There are a lot of things that are demanding our attention. To top it off, we have been dealing with a worldwide pandemic and election season is upon us. More than ever, we really need to focus on the word of our Lord. Our theme for the year is “Abound,” and this program will help us to do that.

Also, we want to make this as kid-friendly as possible because of the shortage of Bible classes this year. The readings are hopefully ones that kids will recognize when mentioned or preached about from the pulpit. Not only will we be in sync as we read together, but our sermon will almost always be in sync with our reading plan to help keep our kids (and all of us!) engaged.

What else do I need to know?

Each week, we will have print-outs available to be picked up in the foyer. Additionally, for those that are live-streaming, the readings will be posted on Facebook and here to be downloaded and printed out.

Consider using as an evangelistic tool! Share with your friends, family, and neighbors that may be tuning into our live-stream. We want as many people diving into God’s word as possible.