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The Psalmist’s View of Scripture | KJ Moore

Many plights face what the world understands as modern Christendom. Often at ideological odds with the Lord’s people, His church, those in Christendom have latched onto quite troublesome doctrines. God’s sovereignty, according to some, disallows the free moral agency of mankind. God’s goodness, as posited, is contradicted by His judgment upon the willfully sinful. God’s […]

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The Psalmist’s View of Sin | KJ Moore

To call sin by any other name is to give it dignity it neither deserves nor merits. Sin is not worthy of praise, laxity, or any kind of tolerance. Though one’s choice to sin is indeed a mistake, it is not merely a mistake; though one’s choice to sin may be a bad habit, it […]

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The Psalmist’s View of God – KJ Moore

What benefit is there in studying the Book of Psalms? Allow me to propose a few. Namely, do we, as the people of God, not benefit from hearing the most powerful and heartfelt emotions of those who fear Him? Do we not benefit from seeing the multifaceted nature of prayer, the joy of worship, and the clarity of spiritual self-investigation? The Psalms harmonize with the other contents of Scripture in a way that is worthy of our study, and they certainly teach that all of God’s word holds value and excellence (Ps. 119:160). It is not only beneficial to study the Psalms, it is outright necessary, and the next month of articles will cover brief selections from these works of divinely-inspired poetry.  […]

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